Exploring Wilderness

In the deep remote wilderness on the immense North American continent, there are mysterious, foreboding otherworldly places that defy imagination, and inspire wonderment and awe. Away from the crowded cities and sprawling urban footprint of humankind, a remarkable 47% of the United States and 90% of Canada are still vast, uninhabited wilderness.

These hinterlands remain untamed by the modern world and hidden from an encroaching civilization. It is in these hallowed wilds that earth colors interact with weather effects and atmospheric conditions to create inspirational visions of nature that can only be seen from this rarefied air up here ~ Where Eagles Fly ~

Hidden Lake at Dusk

The aptly named Hidden Lake sits 6,375ft / 1,943m at the base of Bearhat Mountain along the continental divide in the Montana Rocky Mountains of Glacier National Park. Bearhat is directly to the left. To the immediate north of the lake (above it in this photo) is Mount Cannon on the left ridge and Clements Mountain protruding on the right side of the ridge. The large protruding mountain to the bottom right (east) side of Hidden Lake is Reynolds Mountain.

On the northeast side of Reynolds Mountain is Logans Pass (where the visitor center is) and beyond that are the Hanging Gardens and Mount Oberlin and along the distant ridgeline to the top right of this image is the Garden Wall including Piegan Mountain, Big Drift, Triple Arches, Pollack Mountain and the Bishops Cap.



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