Inspiring Preservation

The most common thing folks say when viewing these images is; “I had no idea these places even existed“.

The goal of this project is to change this lack of awareness by sharing the exploration experience via images, films, virtual reality programming and a slew of information and background history. The more people know about these enigmatic lands the more they will be inspired to take action and assist in preserving wilderness for future generations. By capturing the beauty, allure, and wonder of the North American continent from this perspective we provide breathtaking visions of a stunning world without roadways, towns or man-made barriers.

These extraordinary lands are a testament to the powerful beauty and magnificence of nature. Sadly, these wild lands are constantly endangered by the encroachment of civilizations and it’s never-ending thirst for natural resources. It is of paramount importance that we protect this important legacy for our future.

The project motto for ~ Where Eagles Fly ~ is: Preservation by Inspiration

Snow on Goose Creek

Goose Creek lies on the left of the image, nestled in the forested valley covered by a snow blanket. Sitting 10,600 ft. / 3,230 m high up, this is a formidable and difficult area to reach on the San Juan Mountains in the Weminuche Wilderness of the Rio Grande National Forest in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 



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