A New Visual Lexicon

Traversing timeworn animal paths, ancient First Nations tribal trails and bygone pioneer routes, Zedekiah takes the expedition through difficult and dangerous terrain in a quest to find and film extremely rare views of these magnificent, primitive hinterlands, revealing a radically different vision of our world, exhilarating, awe-inspiring views scarcely seen from this perspective!

Zedekiah: “The way we see the world determines the words we use to describe what the world looks like to each of us personally. This is what I call the visual lexicon. Where Eagles Fly adds a new perspective to our visual lexicon that expands how we see wilderness, how we talk about wilderness. No longer are we limited to the ground-based or high airliner views; now we have another way to appreciate the unbounded magnificence and beauty that is our Mother Earth.”

Blue Point Bay Blues

This image is of Blue Point Bay on Lake Mead on the Colorado River in Nevada. Shooting straight down from above the shoreline shows the vibrant colors as they appear after a strong rainstorm has washed away the dust and the bright early morning sunlight brilliantly exposes the lush colors of all the minerals in the sand and rocks.


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