What Are Ambient Films?

visualambience-roomWhere Eagles Fly is developing a premium content film series of “visual-ambience” films featuring beautiful wilderness imagery that moves slowly using the Ken Burns effect and is accompanied by mellow music. They are simply visually ambient films for use as backgrounds to your life.

These films have no voice over or story plot. They are designed specifically for playing in the background with the sound on or off, and provide a visual ambient mood to the room. They can vary in length from a few minutes with the images gliding by in a slow graceful pace, to a few hours in length with the images changing at a very slow pace of 1 to 2 images per hour.

Each film provides an ever-changing background visual that enhances your environment. They furnish a wondrous virtual window to the wilderness world. We will offer alternate soundscapes as well so you can choose the background music or sounds that play along with the visuals.

This following films demonstrate the visual ambient HD film concept. To fully experience the effect we are aiming for please view these films in full screen size.

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