Wilderness Camping

Operating in the remote backcountry means landing and taking off on short river banks, the narrow tops of cliffs, barren and craggy mountainous saddle back ridges or down in the valley floor in meadows and dells; off-the-beaten-path deep in the wilderness and far from civilization or help; these are standard operations.

Planning, a keen sense of awareness and proper emergency equipment are necessary for survival, and continuously updating knowledge and training will keep you alive when things get spicy! Preparedness is key to success when operating solo in these wild lands.

Zedekiah: “Camping out of a bush plane in the wild is an experience of either extreme solitude, as when I am out there by myself, or great camaraderie when sharing a campsite with a very small group of pilots who love the back-country as much as I. We have fly-in’s where groups of pilots, young and old, male and female and lots of families all fly in to camp together out in these hard-to-reach locations“.

While flying and camping deep in the mountainous hinterlands, one can depend on the weather to be highly unpredictable, changing rapidly with little warning. Vigilance and situation awareness must be enacted at all times, most especially when in the air but also, equally important down on the ground, particularly when camping in the wild.

All sorts of wild animals like coyotes, moose, elk, wolves, and bears will come into camp. They can be a curious lot and after all, this is their home and we are just visitors so great care and planning must be taken to reduce the chances of a negative encounter.


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