About Zedekiah’s Films
About Zedekiah’s Films

~ Where Eagles Fly ~ is currently in development. During this initial period, Zedekiah is continuously flying, exploring and filming remote wilderness areas, composing soundtrack music, writing stories and editing content.

As part of the ongoing expedition, we are experimenting with a variety of motion picture production and presentation formats for Giant Screen (IMAX) style films, Micro Cinema shorts for the global mobile TV entertainment marketplace and VR acquisition for the XR / LBE market.

The goal is to share the experiences from this awesome adventure, to provide exciting and awe-inspiring experiential journeys through the North American backcountry.

All films are from the experimental preproduction and presented for your enjoyment.

  1. Adventure Films:
    Journey along with Zedekiah as he flys into wilderness areas, using cameras mounted all around the bush plane exterior and cockpit interior you get to experience what it is like to be inside the aircraft as he flys over amazing landscapes.
  2. Ambient Films:
    Slowly moving images with musical soundtrack with stunningly beautiful landscapes meant to be viewed as visual ambiance.
  3. Micro Cinema Films:
    1 minute long bite-sized experiences that showcase different areas of interest, found on a number of the Picture Stories.


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