About Picture Stories
About Picture Stories

As the saying goes “Every Picture Tells A Story”…

So it is with my wilderness photography, every picture has a volume of interesting information; pre-historic and historical information from the perspective of both the First Nations Peoples, how they view and live with the lands, and early trappers and pioneer settlers and how they lived; Geological information on what these places are made of and how they were formed; Geographical info on why they are named as such; Wildlife Habitat data on the types of critters that occupy these lands, and finally; Anecdotal information from locals who live and work in these remote places.

My mission is to provide an alternate window onto wilderness that allows others to experience this unique view of the world and enjoy discovering something new – a Planetary Awareness.

Some images are interactive and contain location keys that identify various places within the scene.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy these stories and photographs, yehaw!!






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