Film Selection for Joel Roman

Joel, These first two films are adventure exploration films that illustrate how I am flying and exploring the wilderness. This first version is 20 minutes long and contains more info than the second version which is 10 minutes long. These are concept demonstration films.




Cinematic Provenance

This next set of 6 films are what I call “Cinematic Provenance” films… they are made to show that I am not photoshopping my fine-art images for print reproduction purposes. They clearly show the images in the films I am shooting, and showcase how I take these shots.
My images are simply not something anyone can simply walk up the same trail and shoot again. These are all ultra-rare scenes.









These next films are from my catalog of what I call Ambient Films and are made in the style of SlowTV … they are meant to be played as background imagery on large monitors for parties, restaurants, lobbies, etc.





Micro Cinema

And these films are what I call Micro-Cinema… short films for use in social media etc.



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