Geo-Based Chapters
Geo-Based Chapters

Geologic-Region Based Chapter Format:

The expedition TV series, large screen film series and integrated website and mobile story app will feature geo-chapters based on the eight vast geographic regions of North America. Each chapter will contain short film vignettes and photo-articles packed with info-graphics on geology, geography, wildlife habitat, preservation status, human history and anecdotal stories from each area.

The combination of ever changing atmospheric conditions and numerous variables such as seasonal shifts in foliage, dramatic weather transformations and different times of the year will yield completely different views of each wilderness location. In order to create a comprehensive chronicle the expedition must make multiple trips into each geographic area throughout the lifetime of this expedition.

As territory is continually explored, each geo-based chapter will be updated with new content as the expedition progresses. By doing so, the website and story app content will constantly evolve. This will deepen the viewer experience and public awareness of these incredible places.

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