Montana Wilderness Volume One ~ Keller Williams


The Wilderness of Montana ~ Volume One

This 11″ x 13″ coffee table photo book contains 72 full-color pages featuring 56 extremely rare aerial wilderness panoramas, vistas, and exclusive terrestrial scenes that define the iconic, powerfully visual identity of Montana, a sweeping land the First Nations Tribes called the Shining Mountains and the Backbone of the World.
Published with excellent craftmanship, these are high-quality editions with hardbound, image-wrapped front and back covers. Each of the featured wilderness scenes is masterfully printed on archival-art-paper for a luster finish, then bound together in a stunning, visually impactful tome. This book is a wonderful addition to anyone’s home, office, or lobby, and a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

A Wonderful Closing Gift or Holiday Gift

This high-quality lay-flat publication is the penultimate format for a classic coffee table photo book, with seamless pages that display panoramic images a full 26″ wide, unbroken, and perfectly flat. Bonded, heavy page liners stiffen each page in this classic publication of the highest quality.

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Custom Imprints

For a personal touch, custom imprints on the front page are available.

Version One ~ Company-Wide

A great way to split the costs between multiple people and offices, with a thank you statement and the Berkshire Hathaway logo.

Version Two ~ Personalized

A custom personal statement along with individual name plus Berkshire Hathaway logo.

Version Three ~ Personalized With Photo

A custom personal statement along with individual name plus personal photo and Berkshire Hathaway logo.



There are multiple options available to purchase the book:

For 1 to 9 copies of the standard version as shown in the flipbook are available directly from the publisher for $220:

For minimum orders of 10 or more please use the form below

For minimum orders of 10 of the Standard Version: $200 per book
For minimum orders of 10 of Version One ~ Company-Wide: $210 per book
For minimum orders of 10 of Version Two ~ Personalized: $220 per book
For minimum orders of 10 of Version Three ~ Personalized with Photo: $230 per book


Please note the turnaround time is 10 days. Shipped from Seattle via UPS using general delivery, an order of 10 books costs $84.99.

Please fill out the form and select submit. Once the order is placed you will receive an invoice through Paypal.

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