New Imagery 5.27.21

New Imagery 5.27.21

These are my selected images from yesterday’s flight into the Glacier National Park and surrounding area. This first image is of the beautiful valley with Coal Creek taking the seasonal snowmelt, draining down through countless rivulets and streams from the mountains high above, falling far below into the Middle Fork of the Flathead River which is behind me, out of our field of view.

The tall pinnacled peak on the right above is Mount Saint Nicholas, while across the green valley on the left are the Cloudcroft Peaks with Mount Doody rising up out of the clouds. The large mountain up in the back of the valley between these two towers is called Battlement Mountain. The small semi snow-capped hill in the lower right foreground is called Double Mountain.

The following image is of Harrison Lake which is kept full by runoff from the many streams falling from the sides of Pumpelly Glacier high up on Blackfoot Mountain on the top right of the valley, and Harrison Glacier sitting high up between the peaks of Walton Mountain and Mount Jackson on the left side above this valley.

Harrison Lake presents a serene and tranquil view below these rugged mountains, reflecting both the glacier-covered cliffs of Blackfoot Mountain and a bright blue sky above the mountains but not visible from our perspective.

In the following image, the South Fork of the Flathead River and the Hungry Horse Reservoir are brimming with snowmelt runoff from the mountains of the Swan Range to the right and the Flathead Range to the left.

And last, is this image of Lake McDonald as seen from above Rubideau Springs along Apgar Mountain. In the distance above the end of the lake on the right, Mount Brown reaches up into the clouds with Stanton Mountain across the lake to the left lays right below the base of the storm clouds.

In the back behind the lake are the snow-covered mountains of the Garden Wall, and on the far left in the distance, we can see through the falling rain, the faint outlines of Longfellow Peak in the Livingston Range. In the lower right foreground is the Belton Hills, and at its base along the righthand side of the lake runs the Going-To-The-Sun road which traverses the length of the lake and beyond up into the mountains in the far background.


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