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This Cinematic NFT was experienced while flying from the Badger-Two Medicine area all the way up the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park until we reach the Canadian border. As we slowly float by we see the full range of glacial carved mountains and valleys that make up this pristine wilderness. This is a Slo-TV-style journey, gliding beside these majestic visions of deep time. A beautiful look at lands that have remained this way since the time before humans came here.
Featuring a composition written by Zedekiah Morse specifically for this NFT, the music provides a melodious sonic backdrop that accompanies the visuals for a wonderfully immersive experience

Location Map Set

Flight Path

Flying above the border between Glacier National Park and the First Nations Blackfeet Reservation, we track north along a straight line to the Canadian Border.

Accompanying Physical Goods

This is a very rare physically minted commemorative coin for “Where Eagles – American Wilderness Expedition”. This metal coin is 2.5″ in diameter and features a custom precision design that is struck using the highest quality metals. It comes with a display case. Shown below is the front side (L) and backside (R).

This Fine Artwork is offered as a very rare Volumetric Texturized Print on Polycarbonate Substrate, ready to mount.

Ninaiistako ~ Chief Mountain

Chief Mountain has been a towering territorial landmark and sacred place for vision quests and other traditional ceremonies for many different First Nations Tribes for thousands of years. There is an unknown number of First Nations burial sites around the base of this iconic mountain, dating back eons. Called Ninaiistako by the Nitsitapii (“real people”), collectively known as the Blackfoot, it is part of their ancient history and is included in many creation stories.
The summit of Chief Mountain remains the most acclaimed vision quest site in Montana.  It is revered as being home to the Thunderbird deity.  And according to the Blackfeet legend, the butte-shaped mountain is in the “Center of the World.”
Various print sizes are available: 12″x 18″ | 18″ x 28″ | 24″ x 36″ | 36″ x 54″ | 48″ by 72″

Greetings and howdy to you all from the remote Rocky Mountains in northwestern Montana. This Reserved-Limited Edition series of 10 rare Mixed-Media NFTs was designed to offer a combination of Digital (Film and Image) and Physical (Collectors Coin and Volumetric Print) artworks that are combined in one NFT Smart Token to create something that is super rare for a number of reasons: The film and image were extremely difficult to create. The film shows the image being created (proof of provenance). There is a combination of film and matching image. The soundtrack is an original composition crafted specifically for this NFT. This is super scarce in that it is a One/One Edition, making it highly collectable.
If you would like more information on the volumetric prints that are included in this Mixed Media NFT offering please click on the image to visit the Zedekiah Morse Gallery website.
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