NFT – Kaleidoscopic California ~ A Micro Cinematic Adventure


A quintessential California Coastal Pacific Ocean Sunset. To the left of the image is; Point Sur, and the California Sea Otter Game Refuge on the Pacific Ocean Coast of Big Sur, California. An interesting aspect of this photograph is that the sun is actually not in this image at all.
Zedekiah: “The sun had already set about 15 minutes before I took this photo and was now over the horizon, but the sunlight is reflecting on the clouds which then is reflected down onto the ocean below. This is creating what I call a “Sun Sprite” effect.”
The First Nations Esselen lived in the area and left their handprints on rock faces in numerous remote places, including the Pine Valley area and a site a few miles east of Tassajara, California where about 250 handprints were discovered located in a rock shelter, there are more to be found elsewhere around the Tassajara Valley.
Esselen believed that rocks held memory. So when they placed their hand into a hand that had been carved on the rock from the past, they could “tune in to” everything that had ever happened at the site before. Esselen people gave names to everything, including individual trees, large rocks, paths, even different portions of a path. They believed everything, including the stars, moon, breeze, ocean, streams, trees, and rocks were alive and had power, emotion, intelligence, and memory.

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This is the beautiful Point Conception and the Santa Ynez Mountains at dusk with the entire Santa Barbara coastline from Summerland through Montecito and Santa Barbara up to Goleta, under clouds that are hugging the mountains. Also, the Santa Ynez Valley is on the right side of the mountains also covered by low clouds.
These are the Santa Ynez Mountains which run alongside the California coastline (on the left of the mountains in this image) from Carpentaria up through Montecito past Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, and Goleta all the way up past the Gaviota Pass to the sacred Point Conception, California. On the right side of the Santa Ynez Mountains in this image, underneath the fog lays the small ranching communities of Santa Ynez, Lompoc, Los Olivos, Ballard, and Buellton.
Zedekiah: “I love this image as it is reminiscent of classic Asian style paintings from long ago. This incredibly rare, one-of-a-kind image is an alpenglow blue-hued image I captured from 8,000 feet above Ojai. I took off for a later afternoon flight and came upon this scene as I climbed out of the valley towards the Santa Ynez Mountains.”


Zedekiah Morse and SkyPilot Productions are offering this Micro Cinematic Journey as a collectible/tradable Non-Fungible Token through
This is an extremely rare set of components wrapped together as a Micro Cinematic Journey; the imagery is lensed while filming through an open cockpit window in-flight while Zedekiah simultaneously pilots the bush plane. He also composes, performs, and records the musical soundtrack, writes and performs the narration, and edited the Micro Cinema short.
The owner of this MEDIA-NFT can download a high-resolution version of the film for their personal viewing. Zedekiah Morse and ZkyPilot Productions retain all copyright ownership to this artwork.

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