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This Cinematic NFT was experienced while flying across the Rocky Mountains of northwestern Montana along the Canadian Border. This path we follow is one of the thinnest points between the eastern front range and the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in both the USA and Canada.
Featuring a composition written by Zedekiah Morse specifically for this NFT, the music provides a melodious sonic backdrop that accompanies the visuals for a wonderfully immersive experience.

Location Map Set

Flight Path

Flying above the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains in Montana, we are parallel to the Canadian border as we join the journey. We first approach the towering peak of Kaina Mountain, then fly over the remote Miche Wabun Lake high up on the slopes below the Miche Wabun Glacier, and then cross over Goat Haunt Mountain. Entering the Waterton Valley we can see the Waterton River as it flows serpentine-like into Waterton Lake.
Next, we enter the high mountain valley of Olsen Creek, flying over Lake Janet below the steep walls of the Citadel Peaks to our left and Shaheeya Peak to our right. Continuing through the valley we fly alongside the rocky escarpments and craggy peaks of Porcupine Ridge, to our left. Next, we cross over Lake Frances, sitting below Dixon Glacier, high up on the mountain aptly named The Sentinal. Then alongside Thunderbird Glacier high on the side of Thunderbird Mountain.
Turning slightly to the northwest we pass Chapman Peak on our right as we cross over the Continental Divide, we enter the high glacial cirque valley called Hole-in-the-wall, which is part of the headwaters of Bowman Creek, and Bowman Lake. Coming up on Boulder Peak to our left we thread the pass as we skirt by the Boulder Glacier as we enter the Kintla Lake valley just to the north of Kinnerly Peak.

Accompanying Physical Goods

This is a very rare physically minted commemorative coin for “Where Eagles – American Wilderness Expedition”. This metal coin is 2.5″ in diameter and features a custom precision design that is struck using the highest quality metals. It comes with a display case. Shown below is the front side (L) and backside (R).

This Fine Artwork is offered as a very rare Volumetric Texturized Print on Polycarbonate Substrate, ready to mount.

Snowy Mountains of Glacier National Park

Looking across Flattop Mountain and the northern end of the Lewis Range where it meets the Waterton Lakes National Park on the Canadian Border. 50 named mountain peaks are in this image of the Continental Divide running up the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Glacier National Park.
Various print sizes are available: 12″x 18″ | 18″ x 28″ | 24″ x 36″ | 36″ x 54″ | 48″ by 72″

Greetings and howdy to you all from the remote Rocky Mountains in northwestern Montana. This Reserved-Limited Edition series of 10 rare Mixed-Media NFTs was designed to offer a combination of Digital (Film and Image) and Physical (Collectors Coin and Volumetric Print) artworks that are combined in one NFT Smart Token to create something that is super rare for a number of reasons: The film and image were extremely difficult to create. The film shows the image being created (proof of provenance). There is a combination of film and matching image. The soundtrack is an original composition crafted specifically for this NFT. This is super scarce in that it is a One/One Edition, making it highly collectable.
If you would like more information on the volumetric prints that are included in this Mixed Media NFT offering please click on the image to visit the Zedekiah Morse Gallery website.
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