That Special Zone
That Special Zone

Smithsonian Butte in Zion National Park, Utah

Most folks view Earth from either down on the ground or very high up in jet airliners. Both views are restricted by physical limitations such as line-of-sight with ground-based views and limited fine-detail when looking down from airliners flying at 35,000 feet or higher.

There is another space that exists only a few hundred to a few thousand feet above the ground. Here, in this special zone, are incredible natural “paintings”, simply breathtaking to behold. Astonishing and sometimes bewildering sights that truly “Move the Soul” can readily be found up here ~ Where Eagles Fly ~

When viewing vast panoramas of pristine wilderness from up here, these ancient lands cast a luminous glow that awakens a profound awareness of our place on Earth. Just knowing such places still exist and thrive invokes feelings of wonderment, hope, and immense joy. These are ancient places with ancestral visions that reach back through time-weathered yet unchanged.


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