Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Where Eagles Fly – The American Wilderness Expedition is shooting the film and virtual reality content simultaneously with our custom Ultra-HD 6K based aerial camera platform designed to capture the full 720° co-axial field of view. This allows the creation of a virtual environment that is presented to your senses in such a way to provide an experience as if you were really there, flying like a bird through these amazing wilderness environments.

You can watch the documentary films in the immersive large screen IMAX setting, then continue the journey with a much deeper virtual reality immersion that envelopes you with a sublime sense of floating thru the air on the wings of an Eagle, or flying along in the bush plane with Zedekiah as he explores the remote back country.

Combined with touch interactivity allowing you to choose areas of exploration and retrieve information about the visuals, this programming creates the ultimate in back-story information and historical context that with keep you entertained for countless hours of exploration. These interactive abilities take you deep inside these incredible images for a view of wilderness not available through normal photography.



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