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Mixed-Media NFT Series

There is a Special Zone in the Sky where colors from the earth blend with vibrant atmospheric hues to create awe-inspiring visions of the world we inhabit. These are mixed-media Cinematic/Photographic NFTs as a collection of 10 such experiences, specifically designed to provide vicarious virtual immersions into extraordinary places up in the sky, Where Eagles Fly. Each NFT contains a vision of wilderness that reveals glimpses of Deep Time, the world as it was before humans existed.  
Offered as One-of-One NFTs, each comes with exclusive ownership of a single high-resolution copy of the film with an original soundtrack, plus a high-resolution copy of the photographic image. First Collectors receive a rare Volumetric Texturized Print plus a Dyestruck Metal Art-Coin with Case. These are currently listed on OpenSea being prepared to drop

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