Zedekiah Morse
Zedekiah Morse

Bush Pilot / Explorer / Filmmaker

Gerald Zedekiah Morse (Z) is a highly experienced bush pilot, aerial wilderness photographer, explorer, and filmmaker. Fusing his artistic creativity and technical expertise in filmmaking with his profound love of nature and a lifelong passion for flying, he explores rugged, ancient, and vast North American backcountry wilderness areas from the air.

Zedekiah developed an unusual method of filming which involves flying his bush-plane low and slow through all sorts of perilous weather over remote, rugged terrain. Exploring unimaginable locations in this manner he captures elusive, stunning imagery that is very rarely experienced.

Though this is a serious and hazardous endeavor, he feels the risks he takes on this aerial wilderness expedition are well worth the reward.

The results are a breathtakingly wonderful journey that expands the visual lexicon and enhances our way of experiencing Mother Earth!

Zedekiah has been flying bush planes practically his entire life. His father was a test pilot and aeronautical engineer for the space program who co-owned a small flight school. An avid outdoorsman who loved camping and flying into the backcountry, he instilled a deep love for nature and an intense longing for aerial exploration still strong today.

Z is passionate about exploring wilderness spaces and is dedicated to raising awareness for continued wilderness preservation. Sharing such beautiful images and remarkable experiences from these adventurous journeys inspire others to love, enjoy, and cherish our wilderness and inspire others to explore these places for themselves.

Zedekiah brings a lifetimes experience as one of the earliest digital production adopters and developers of non-linear content production platforms. As a neo-classical composer, master recording engineer, studio musician, and disruptive technologist for many years, until now he has preferred working behind the scenes

For this exciting expedition, he pilots the bush plane, handles aerial photography, records location audio, composes and records soundtrack music, writes the stories, narrates voice-overs and edits the various film and episodic series formats. Zedekiah is a seasoned experienced and methodical artist who brings a highly advanced level of leading-edge entertainment production to provide viewers with a compelling and rewarding experience.

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