Sardis Lake

Sardis Lake is a 98,520-acre (398.7 km2) reservoir on the Little Tallahatchie River in Lafayette, Panola, and Marshall counties, Mississippi. I took these images flying a couple thousand feet about the lake early in the morning when the sun was at an angle that brightly, intensely lit up the amazing earth colors.  The Tallahatchie River runs 230 miles (370 km) from Tippah County, down through Tallahatchie County, and on to Leflore County, where it flows into the Yalobusha River to form the Yazoo River. The river is only navigable for 100 miles (160km).

Zedekiah: “This is an early morning photograph I captured of the Little Tallahatchie River as it flows through Lake Sardis in Mississippi. I love the surrounding ambrosial marshlands, it amazes me the amount of life in this picture! The colors in nature are stunning. I find beautiful places that can only be seen from up above the ground. This is such a place. Once morning as I was flying westbound at a couple thousand feet above ground just after sunrise on a clear winter morning I came upon this view. The colors were stunning.”

As part of the Flood Control Act of 1936, the federal government constructed an earth-filled flood control dam on the Tallahatchie near the town of Sardis, Mississippi. This created Sardis Lake to protect the town and surrounding area from flooding. Tallahatchie is a First Nations Choctaw name meaning “Rock of Waters.” This name derives from the source of the Tallahatchie River which has outcrops of iron sandstone.


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