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Raising Wilderness Awareness

Our mission is to share knowledge about North American wilderness so their beauty and grace may inspire you. Zedekiah’s research provides information about the areas of aerial exploration, revealing amazing stories of their importance.

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Information About The Expedition

Discover the passion and motivation behind this ongoing production of Where Eagles Fly? What does it take to explore wilderness like this? There is much to consider when flying and camping in such rugged remote backcountry wildlands.

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What Does Aerial Exploration Look Like?

Though the world has long since been mapped, there still is much to experience and learn by exploring our remote wilderness by air in a small bush plane. This journey is a personal exploration that is adventurous, exciting, and informative.

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Meet Zedekiah Morse, Expedition Explorer & BlueBird, His Bush Plane

Click the image above to learn a bit about Zedekiah and what motivates him to explore the wilderness and create content about these wondrous places. Find out about Bluebird, his trusty, highly-modified bush plane that he flies on these remote solo aerial wilderness expeditions across North America.

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