Wilderness Exploration


Wilderness Exploration

In the deeply remote wilderness all across the immense North American continent, there are mysterious, foreboding otherworldly places that defy imagination and inspire wonderment and awe. Far from crowded city’s sprawling footprint of humankind, a remarkable 47% of the USA and 90% of Canada remain a mostly uninhabited wildland backcountry.

These vast hinterlands remain elusive, untamed by the modern world, and hidden from encroaching civilization. It is here in these hallowed wilds that earth colors interact with weather effects and dramatic atmospheric conditions to create inspirational visions of nature that can only be seen from this rarefied space up here ~ Where Eagles Fly ~

This aerial expedition discovers hidden lands with primordial panoramas unaffected by the passing of time exploring all eight geologic regions across the continent to film enigmatic places time has forgotten. Did you know 346 million folks from all around the world visit the wildlands of North American each year? Yet the vast majority of them are unaware of lands that lay unseen, unknown, and very rarely visited.

We take you there!


Operating in the remote backcountry means landing and taking off on short river banks, narrow cliff tops, barren craggy mountainous saddle back ridges or down in the valley floor on meadows and river dells. When camping deep in the wilderness, these are standard operations.

A keen sense of awareness and proper emergency equipment is necessary for survival, plus expeditiously planning and continuously updating knowledge and flight training will keep you alive when things get spicy! Preparedness is key to success when flying in the wilderness.



Camping out of a bush plane in the wild is an experience of either extreme solitude, when in the wilds alone, or great camaraderie when sharing a campsite with a very small group of pilots who love the back-country. We have fly-in get-togethers where groups of pilots, young and old, male and female, and lots of families from across the continent all fly into a remote wilderness spot to camp together in these hard-to-reach locations.

Flying and camping deep in the mountainous backcountry hinterlands means frequent encounters with weather that can sometimes be highly unpredictable, changing rapidly with little warning. Then there are critters.

One of the interesting aspects of flying into a remote spot is the small human footprint left getting on-site. Vigilance and situation awareness must be enacted at all times, especially when in the air but equally important down on the ground, particularly when camping in the wild. Unlike other forms of exploration camping where animals can hear you coming, we drop in from the sky unexpectedly. Suddenly we are there.

Wild animals; coyotes, moose, elk, wolves, and bears can be a curious lot, after all, this is their home and we’re just visitors. When we fly in and set up camp great care is taken to reduce chances of negative encounters.

Preservation by Inspiration

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