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Creating “Wilderness Awareness” is my primary mission, and to fund this mission I craft content featuring wilderness that is entertaining, educational, and engaging. As this project is completely self-funded, I depend on sales of my books, and Fine Art Prints, plus your generous contributions to keep this going.
I truly appreciate any and all support you give… Zedekiah Morse

This 11″ x 13″ coffee table photo book contains 72 full-color pages featuring 56 extremely rare aerial wilderness panoramas, vistas, and exclusive terrestrial scenes that define the iconic, powerfully visual identity of Montana, a sweeping land the First Nations Tribes called the Shining Mountains and the Backbone of the World. This high-quality lay-flat publication is the penultimate format for a coffee table photo book, With seamless pages that display panoramic images a full 26″ wide, unbroken, and perfectly flat. Bonded, heavy page liners stiffen each page in this classic publication of the highest quality.
Published with excellent craftsmanship, these are high-quality editions with hardbound, image-wrapped front and back covers. Each featured wilderness scene is masterfully printed on archival art paper for a luster finish, then bound together in a stunning, visually impactful tome. This book is a wonderful addition to your home or office library. You can purchase this collectible Lay-Flat Coffee Table Book for $220 Direct From the Publisher
Select scenes from the various explorations into each geographical location are curated, prepared, and crafted into a Limited Edition Series of high-quality print media. These are made available through our online Fine Art gallery here: Zedekiah.Gallery.

In the above image, Zedekiah stands in front of a 48″ by 72″ Volumetric Textured Fine Art Print of Angel Wings on Harrison Lake which is an image featured as a Super Rare Reserved Limited Edition print.

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