About the Expedition

When visiting new places do you ever wonder what lies just over the horizon or over that mountain crest? Have you ever wanted to explore deep into wilderness with no one around and experience our world in its pristine state? Join us on this journey and soar above these lands in a way like never before. Where Eagles Fly, is a cinematic production that takes viewers to a special zone where far-reaching views provide details rarely seen from the air. Listen as we share stories about our wildlands, the scientific and geological properties of these spaces, their forgotten histories, and what makes each location truly unique.

Exploring remote backcountry by bush plane is one of the only options to access these views while leaving little impact on surrounding nature. As his small bush plane has limited range, Zedekiah must be prepared to land, camp, and take off in the wilderness he knows and loves. This unique experience requires one to be prepared, educated, and experienced. To survive in such rugged terrain, both in the air and on the ground, mean encounters with unpredictable and difficult weather, wildlife, and many little surprises. Follow Zedekiah and our Where Eagles Fly expedition to learn what it takes to explore our untamed backcountry. Join the journey!


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