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Step into the captivating world I experience as a consummate adventurer, bush pilot explorer, a (hopefully) masterful storyteller and auteur filmmaker. I breathe life into the hidden treasures of North America’s untamed wilderness thru photography, films and an episodic streaming series. With creative expertise and unwavering passion for exploration, I embark on adventurous aerial expeditions to find visually inspiring locations. In search of stunning landscapes I skillfully navigate my small bush plane through the vast expanse of remote, rugged terrain that conceals the North American continent’s ancient secrets and geological marvels.
My approach to capturing the essence of these extraordinary landscapes is far from the ordinary. I embrace this audacious spirit of adventure with an unwavering determination to push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking. Flying low and slow, I respect the atmospheric elements and embrace the tempestuous dance of dramatic weather. It is in this exhilarating pursuit that elusive moments of breathtaking beauty and unparalleled grandeur occur. I seek images that transcend the ordinary and offer a profound new perspective on the wonders of Mother Earth.

Through a unique lens of aerial exploration, the invisible from ground level becomes visible, and the intangible unknown is transformed into tangible artistry. This evocative imagery transports us to the very heart of nature’s awe-inspiring creations, inviting us to immerse ourselves in a sensory symphony that stirs the soul and deepens our connection with the Earth. I seek to uncover the hidden tapestry of North America’s wilderness, revealing its ancient stories and geological diversity.
My goal is to create mesmerizing journeys that transcend the boundaries of perception, where every frame captures a moment of sheer wonder, forever etching itself into the fabric of our collective consciousness. Then to share these places so that others can embrace this remarkable vision, perhaps enriching their way of experiencing and understanding the profound beauty that our magnificent planet has to offer. You cannot ask for more than that. I hope you enjoy the journey.

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