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~Where Eagles Fly~ is a quest to raise public awareness for wilderness. To help preserve these lands we share inspirational films, photos, and stories to convey wonderment and instill a deep respect and profound love for these important iconic wilderness areas.
When visiting Recreational Wilderness areas, National or State Parks, or Wildlife Habitats across North America, do ever you wonder what lies beyond, just over the horizon? Remarkably, large areas remain little known and rarely visited. Many are so remote they only have limited access via primitive roads and trails, meaning countless tracts remain hidden. Obscure lands with long-forgotten history await rediscovery. Exploring these isolated areas by bush plane leaves the smallest human footprint possible because no roads or trails are needed.

~A New Visual Lexicon~ This exploration of our ancient world delivers exhilarating and genuinely awe-inspiring visions of places scarcely experienced from this perspective! The way humans see the world determines the words used to describe what it means. Expanding this Visual Lexicon alters wilderness perception. Now, in addition to views from the ground, jet-airliners, and orbital platforms high above the earth, we offer another way to appreciate unbounded magnificence and beauty that Mother Earth offers from this special zone.
These extraordinary wildlands testify to the powerful beauty of nature. Yet they remain endangered by civilization’s encroachment and thirst for natural resources. We seek to inspire protection of these amazing lands by increasing Wilderness Awareness.

~This Special Zone: Where Eagle Fly~ Most folks view Earth from either down on the ground or very high up in jet airliners. There is a special zone that exists only a few hundred to a few thousand feet above the ground where ancient colors of the earth mix with the luminous glow of the sky with astonishing and sometimes bewildering results that inspirationally “Move the Soul”, invoking a sense of oneness with the planet.


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