A Quest for Wilderness Awareness

~ Where Eagles Fly ~ is our quest to raise the publics awareness of our wilderness backcountry in order to help preserve and protect these lands for future generations. Our mission is to share beautiful, awe-inspiring scenes of wildlands from a unique aerial perspective that conveys wonderment compels admiration, and instills a profound love for our iconic country.

When visiting the many National or State Parks, Recreational Wilderness areas, or Wildlife Habitats across the North American Continent, have you ever wondered what lies beyond, just over the horizon? On the other side of every mountain in the distance, vast areas remain little known and rarely visited. Many places are so inaccessible that few roads allow limited entry. There are countless tracts of obscure, hidden lands with long-forgotten history across North America, waiting to be rediscovered.

Exploring by Bushplane is one of the only options available to accessing these isolated areas while leaving the smallest possible footprint.

That Special Zone ~ Where Eagles Fly

Most folks view Earth from either down on the ground or very high up in jet airliners. Both views are restricted by physical limitations such as line-of-sight with ground-based views and limited fine-detail when looking down from airliners flying at 35,000 feet or higher.

There is a special zone that exists only a few hundred to a few thousand feet above the ground. Here, we find spectacular pristine wilderness simply breathtaking to behold. Where ancient lands cast a luminous glow with astonishing and sometimes bewildering results that truly “Move the Soul”, invoking a sense of oneness with the planet.

These ancestral visions reach back through time. Just knowing such places still exist and thrive brings feelings of hope and immense joy.

A New Visual Lexicon

Traversing timeworn animal paths, ancient First Nations tribal trails and bygone pioneer routes following old rutted wagon roads, we fly across difficult and dangerous terrain in our quest for extremely rare views of sumptuous, primitive hinterlands. Revealing a radically different vision of this ancient world, this quest delivers exhilarating and genuinely awe-inspiring visions of places scarcely seen from this perspective!

The way we see the world determines the words we use to describe what it means to each of us personally. We seek to expand our Visual Lexicon, by adding a new perspective that extends how we experience wilderness, how we talk about wilderness. No longer limited to only ground-based or high-airliner views, we offer another way to appreciate the unbounded magnificence and beauty of Mother Earth.

These extraordinary wildlands testify to the powerful beauty of nature. Yet they are endangered by civilizations encroachment and never-ending thirst for natural resources, we need new words to help inspire love for this amazing world, and to protect it we need Wilderness Awareness.

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