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Every Picture Tells A Story
So it is with wilderness photography, every picture has a volume of interesting information. I focus on Deep Time imagery; views of the land that remains a vestige of times long ago before humans existed, Geological information about these places and how they were formed; Geographical info on why they are named as such and what their original name was; Wildlife Habitat data on the types of critters that occupy these lands, and finally; Anecdotal information and stories from the few locals who live, and work and play in these deeply remote, backcountry wilderness spaces.
Exploring these wilderness areas lay witness to a great number of breathtaking scenes. The overarching mission of this project is to provide an alternate window into the wilderness that allows others to experience this unique view of the world they may never otherwise have a chance to enjoy discovering for themselves. These experiences help to drive something new and meaningful – Planetary Awareness.
Please note that some images are interactive with location keys that identify various places within the scene. If so it is noted underneath the image, to turn them on you need only to mouse over the image and select the white arrow. Thanks so much and we hope you enjoy these stories and photographs, yeehaw!!

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