About This Expedition

Zedekiah Morse (Z) | Photo by Walter Lamar

~ Where Eagles Fly ~ is a quest to explore and chronicle the vast wilderness and wildlands across the North American Continent from the cockpit of a small bush plane bristling with an array of high-resolution cameras. This is a solo aerial expedition exploring all eight geologic regions of North America and will take a number of years to complete.

Zedekiah Morse (Z) developed his own unique style of shooting wilderness while piloting a bushplane, with the aircraft as an extension of the camera. This ability to simultaneously fly, explore and film in these remote backcountry locations during difficult and sometimes dangerous atmospheric conditions allows Z to capture a wondrously immersive experience, providing compelling imagery and intriguing information about these little-known places.

This website is a nexus for the project and as such is in continuous development. Please stay tuned for changes.




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