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This Ambient Exploration was experienced while flying to the Grand Teton Mountains to film the solar eclipse as it passed directly over the mountains at over 8,000 miles an hour. Arriving before the event and flying on the northwestern side of the Grand Tetons I filmed the penumbra, or outlying shadowed area on the edges of the umbra, rapidly approaching from the west…
Then as the moon reaches the full zenith, we are directly centered in the middle of the Umbra, right under the moon’s shadow, which is creating what is called a “Maximum Eclipse Totality”. Lasting only a short time, this was eerie translucent darkness that you could clearly see through.
Lastly, we watch as the shadow exists the mountains to the east… the penumbra is now trailing the umbra towards the east as the moon continues its path across the sun. This entire sequence only lasted a few seconds and as the shadow quickly moved to the east, light began to lift the darkness, and shapes began to clearly appear across the landscape.
Featuring a composition written by Zedekiah Morse and Benjamin Von Atrops specifically for this film, the music provides a melodious sonic backdrop that accompanies the visuals for a wonderfully immersive experience. Vocals provided by Benjamin Von Atrops.

Location Map Set

Flight Path

Flying above the Targhee National Forest and the Winegar Hole Wilderness to the north of the Grand Teton National Park we turn is a wide “S” before turning a complete circle back around and then head to the west.

Accompanying Physical Goods

This is a very rare physically minted commemorative coin for “Where Eagles – American Wilderness Expedition”. This metal coin is 2.5″ in diameter and features a custom precision design that is struck using the highest quality metals. It comes with a display case. Shown below is the front side (L) and backside (R).

This Fine Artwork is offered as a very rare Volumetric Texturized Print on Polycarbonate Substrate, ready to mount.

Grand Teton Mountains in the Eclipse Zenith

The entire Grand Teton Mountains are in the darkened circular Umbra, directly in the center of the moon’s shadow from the solar eclipse. On the distant outlying horizon, you can still see the bright light of the midday sun and the outer rim of the darkened wall of the Umbra.
Various print sizes are available: 12″x 18″ | 18″ x 28″ | 24″ x 36″ | 36″ x 54″ | 48″ by 72″

Greetings and howdy from the remote Rocky Mountains in northwestern Montana. This is one of a collection of rare Mixed-Media combinations of Digital (Film and Image) and Physical (Collector Coin and Volumetric Print) artworks that are combined to create something super rare for several reasons: The film and image were extremely difficult to create. The film shows the image being created (proof of provenance).  The soundtrack is an original composition I crafted specifically for this film. This is a super scarce edition, making it highly collectible. If you would like more information on the volumetric prints that are included in this Mixed Media Collection offering, please click on the image to visit my Zedekiah Morse Gallery website.

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