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This Ambient Exploration was experienced while flying and exploring the Flathead Range in the Flathead National Forest and the Great Bear Wilderness. The practice of scud running involves flying through the gap between low-hanging clouds and mountain passes, such was the case at the beginning of this flight experience. As we follow a storm front moving through the Rocky Mountains of northwestern Montana, we cross over a mountain pass, as we fly just underneath the low-hanging clouds, and break out on the other side of Nyack Mountain in the Hungry Horse Valley.
Floating along the western side of the Flathead Range we pass the Great Northern Mountain and the jagged, snowy peaks of Mount Grant and Grant Ridge. Looking across the mountain horizon, just below the base of the cloud layer, we can see for many miles across the Flathead Range and the Lewis Range into Glacier National Park. As we turn to cross the valley the long watery stretch of the South Fork of the Flathead River comes into view. Filling Ip with the rapidly rising spring snowmelt, the river becomes larger as it widens into the Hungry Horse Reservoir. We then fly along the long lake with the snowcapped Pioneer Ridge and Wildcat Mountain rising high above the lake.
Featuring a composition written by Zedekiah Morse specifically for this film, the music provides a melodious sonic backdrop that accompanies the visuals for a wonderfully immersive experience.

Location Map Set

Flight Path

Flying above John F. Stevens Valley in the Theodore Roosevelt Pass above the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, on the border of the western side of Glacier National Park, we fly due west through a mountain pass between Mount Penrose, Bear Mountain, and Nyack Mountain. Entering the valley along the west side of Nyack Mountain, we fly south along the Flathead Range and then turn west until we close in on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, we then turn northwest to follow alongside the widening Hungry Horse Reservoir and stay this course till the end of the experience.

Accompanying Physical Goods

This is a very rare physically minted commemorative coin for “Where Eagles – American Wilderness Expedition”. This metal coin is 2.5″ in diameter and features a custom precision design that is struck using the highest quality metals. It comes with a display case. Shown below is the front side (L) and backside (R).

This Fine Artwork is offered as a very rare Volumetric Texturized Print on Polycarbonate Substrate, ready to mount.

Hungry Horse & The South Fork of the Flathead River

This is the Great Bear Wilderness, home to the largest Grizzly Bear population in the lower 48 states. In the foreground, the Hungry Horse Lake/Reservoir shimmers with satin blue waters, made of crystal pure snowmelt from high above on the Swan Range to the right and the Flathead Range to the left.
Various print sizes are available: 12″x 18″ | 18″ x 28″ | 24″ x 36″ | 36″ x 54″ | 48″ by 72″

Greetings and howdy from the remote Rocky Mountains in northwestern Montana. This is one of a collection of rare Mixed-Media combinations of Digital (Film and Image) and Physical (Collector Coin and Volumetric Print) artworks that are combined to create something super rare for several reasons: The film and image were extremely difficult to create. The film shows the image being created (proof of provenance).  The soundtrack is an original composition I crafted specifically for this film. This is a super scarce edition, making it highly collectible. If you would like more information on the volumetric prints that are included in this Mixed Media Collection offering, please click on the image to visit my Zedekiah Morse Gallery website.

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