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While flying west across the desert away from Chaco Canyon at 2,500 ft (762 m) above ground, off to the right there were unusual and unnatural shapes on a slight mound area. One thing about flying in wilderness areas is that from up in the air, man-made structures stick out pretty clearly, and these were most definitely man-made, and old! There are faint traces of a very old overgrown road, (that obviously has not been used in quite a while) with what looks like a small dam/bridge over a dry streambed.

When circling back around the site a bit lower, a much better view of the different structures appeared showing that they were positioned in an orderly fashion around what appears to be an ancient pit house with various smaller Kiva-style buildings and storage structures.

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The above image is a close-up of the site which shows very clearly that there are different structures spread out across this small hillside. There are 6 clearly visible remains of structures in this image and possibly 8 that have faint outlines under the surface for a couple more potential ruins. Click on the arrow to show the outlined structures.
Compare this with the other images above and you will be able to make out the different man-made structures. When you compare these ruins to typical Chaco Culture buildings and ruins you will see very similar shapes in the design. What’s especially intriguing is the remote location of this small cluster of ruins. This is out a few miles away from the main historic Chaco Culture site, while not revealing the exact location of this site because it should remain undisturbed. It is not easy to visit this location as there are no roads nearby.  What a thing it is to imagine the people living on this site, many thousands of years ago, how clear the night skies must have been, and how peaceful the sounds of silence were.

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