Blackfoot Mountain

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These are the mountain glaciers on Blackfoot Mountain, specifically Jackson Glacier in the right foreground and Blackfoot Glacier on the left hanging down the ridge. When folks think of glaciers the image is primarily of long rivers of frozen ice slowly creeping along into the sea.  Here on top of the mountain, you can see the glaciers hanging alongside steep cliffs with their deep turquoise blue of the ancient ice alongside the snow. Blackfoot Glacier is the 2nd largest glacier in the Glacier National Park.
This image was taken in the middle of September from an altitude of 11,500 feet (3,505m). Blackfoot Mountain is 9,579 ft (2,920 m) high and the glaciers are at an approximate altitude of around 8,000 feet (2,438m).


Zedekiah: “I took this photo above the harsh and rugged Blackfoot Mountain in the Montana Rocky Mountains of Glacier National Park. This image was captured late in the afternoon about an hour after sunset in the late fall before the snow season began in earnest. “


In the image below, looking west from above Red Eagle Creek, Mount Jackson and Blackfoot Mountain are located on the upper left of the horizon.

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In the image below lensed from relatively the same spot as the top image, you can see the ragged, jagged peaks of the Lewis Range stretching across the distance. The steep pinnacled peak of Mount Saint Nicholas towers above the range on the middle left of the horizon.

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