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This is “Rainbow Point” and the “Promontory” in Bryce Canyon National Park and in the bottom left of this image is Yovimpa Point. If you have visited BCNP and driven along the scenic route to the overlooks to take photos this is most likely where you went. From this perspective, you can clearly see the results of the long-term erosion process which has occurred over time. An ongoing cyclic process of frost weathering and stream erosion of the river and lake bed sedimentary rocks creates the iconic hoodoo structures.

Zedekiah: “I lensed this image while flying along the outer edge of the park, northeast bound in the late afternoon during the late spring. The sun has set but enough alpenglow lighting effect from over the horizon provided a warm golden glow to the vermilion red, pinkish-orange, and white colors of the exposed sedimentary rock cliffs.”
These unusual structures produce a very strange fortress or palisade effect that strings along miles of convoluted and distorted cliff face all throughout this section of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. Paunsaugunt is First Nations Paiute language for “Home of the Beaver“. Some of these hoodoo structures reach a height of 200 feet (60 m). Though visually stunning, the hoodoos are not the main feature of the park, instead, it is the collection of giant natural amphitheaters that range along the eastern edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.
In the immediate lower foreground of this image is a clear example of a hoodoo amphitheater. At its base is Corral Hollow and Blueberry Spring which flows down to Podunk Creek. In the middle right side of this image, you can see the Natural Bridge and Fairview Point Overview, Piracy Point and Noon Canyon Butte. On the distant horizon is Wilson Peak and Black Mountain.

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