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Canaan Mountain, Lower Mountain, and the Eagles Crag are located along the Vermilion Cliffs just outside the southern end of Zion National Park in Utah. Canaan Mountain is a great promontory surrounded on three sides by 2,000-foot-high White Cliffs composed of Navajo Sandstone. The 500-foot-high Vermilion Cliffs, composed of the Moenave Formation, lie at the base of the White Cliffs; the two formations are separated by a wide bench of the Kayenta Formation’s soft mudstones.
The Navajo Sandstone surface of Canaan Mountain has been carved into bold ridges, hummocks, hollows, and passageways. Canaan Mountain, Smithsonian Butte, and the Eagle Crags are scenic attractions for visitors entering Zion National Park from the south; El Capitan and the Vermilion Cliffs rise north of Highway 89 near Colorado City, Arizona. Over the horizon in the distance lays the Grand Canyon, National Park.

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