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Zedekiah Morse created this transmedia production to share the inspiring experience of viewing wilderness from that very special zone; Where Eagles Fly. Over the past decade, he has developed a unique and unparalleled method of aerial cinematography, using the bush plane as an extension of the camera. This unique skill-set combines technological finesse with the bush piloting skills necessary to survive flying in the rugged back-country. To date, we have explored some of the most amazing places in North America; we are Continuing the Journey to scout and film all the remote wilderness on our continent.

Creating content that inspires “Planetary Awareness” is our primary mission; to instill the public with admiration and love for these wilderness treasures. We depend on sponsorships plus your generous donations to keep this content online for free so that everyone can experience the wonders shown here. Your support allows us to deliver engaging, entertaining, and educational experiences via beautiful high-resolution content, completely free from those disruptive advertisements. With your help, together we provide an awe-inspiring way for everyone to experience and learn about our iconic wilderness!

Exploring and filming the remote wilderness backcountry by bush plane is not easy. It requires expertise with highly-specialized equipment, attention to detail, meticulous flight planning, and a great deal of patience when dealing with adverse weather. Finding atmospheric conditions that reveal stunning and dramatic scenes is a time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous process! It takes passion, experience, dedication, and above all, great perseverance. Your support not only provides the resources necessary to facilitate this expedition but also instills confidence that you care about these mission goals.

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