Glenn Canyon & Lake Powell

This pastel view of Lake Powell was lensed while flying above the Burning Hills in the south end of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. On the right in the foreground is Sit Down Bench and slightly hidden down in the rocks lay the waters of Las Chance Bay. On the left side of the image from the foreground up to the Lake is Grand Bench.

Across Lake Powell is the Rainbow Plateau and from the left to right are formations named: Adeiyi Taah Hooti, Face Canyon, Tse Binjoobaahi, Labyrinth Canyon, Wild Horse Mesa with Pinnacle Rock and Tower Butte.

Another interesting item about this image… I often lens the effect of ground colors reflecting onto low hanging clouds above as is the case here on the right half of this image. The purple/magenta colors from Wild Horse Mesa are seemingly glowing from the bottom of the clouds above.

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