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The Wilderness of Montana ~ Volume One

This 11″ x 13″ coffee table photo book contains 72 full-color pages featuring 56 extremely rare aerial wilderness panoramas, vistas, and exclusive terrestrial scenes that define the iconic, powerfully visual identity of Montana, a sweeping land the First Nations Tribes called the Shining Mountains and the Backbone of the World.
Published with excellent craftmanship, these are high-quality editions with hardbound, image-wrapped front and back covers. Each of the featured wilderness scene is masterfully printed on archival-art-paper for a luster finish, then bound together in a stunning, visually impactful tome. This book is a wonderful addition to anyone’s home, office, or lobby, and a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

Two formats are available:

Lay-Flat Format for $200 plus $16 to ship anywhere in the USA 

The lay-flat version is the penultimate format for a coffee table photo book, With seamless pages that display panoramic images a full 26″ wide, unbroken, and perfectly flat. Bonded, heavy page liners stiffen each page in this classic publication of the highest quality.

Standard Format for $100 plus $12 to ship anywhere in the USA

The standard book format is exactly the same layout as the lay flat but with traditional book-style guttered pages. Using lighter paper with the same ink combination as the lay-flat format, the main difference is page thickness and spine construction, creating a thinner book.


Select scenes from these explorations are available as Fine Art Photographic Reproductions, on a variety of high quality print media and formats.

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Creating “Wilderness Awareness” content is our primary mission. This depends on purchases and your generous contributions to support our continuing development of entertaining, educational, and engaging experiences via high-resolution content.


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