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One of the most iconic locations in Glacier National Park is this scene of Heavy Runner Mountain and the surrounding area. It is so very popular because it is easy to see as one drives up Going-To-The-Sun road from the eastern entrance to Glacier National Park to Logans Pass. This scene is along the left side of the road as you near the summit of the pass.
Reynolds Creek, which runs from Reynolds Mountain, across the Hanging Gardens to multiple waterfalls on the right side of this image, flows through that beautiful valley below and joins with the Saint Mary River on the far left of this image, to then flow down to Saint Mary Lake.
Chief Heavy Runner was a First Nations Blackfoot leader in the mid-19th century. He was part of the Southern Piegan Tribe, living in their ancestral territory located in northern Montana. As was a common Blackfoot tradition, he had multiple names; “Bear Chief” and “Tail That Goes Up The Hill. This wondrous, mountain in all its majesty is named to honor his memory.

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