Kaibab Plateau

The Kaibab National Forest lays on both sides of the Grand Canyon. This image I lensed while exploring the area called Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, is of the portion of the forest that sits on the north side of the canyon.

This is known as the Kaibab Plateau and in many respects is like an island in the sky surrounded by lower elevations. The plateau, with elevation up to 9,215 feet (2,800 m) is bordered on the south by the Grand Canyon, on the east and the west by tributary canyons of the Colorado River, and on the North by tiers of uplifted cliffs.

More than 6,000 archaeological and historic sites have been recorded on the Kaibab National Forest, which represents an incredible amount of historic and pre-historic information. The majority of these sites are associated with “Cohonina,” who occupied the Kaibab between AD 700 and  AD 1100. They left stone houses, pottery sherds, stone tools, grinding stones and rock art across the forest.

In this image taken after a snowstorm has passed through the area, you can clearly see the area left barren by the previous year’s forest fires, this is the area with snow clearly showing.

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