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Bathed in azure blue from the snowmelt water flowing down from the mountains in the Livingston Range above, Logging Lake is dramatically framed in a classic vignette style by the dark shadows. These rugged mountains paint a wondrous skyline, juxtaposed under the billowing cumulus clouds pushed to the east by a closing storm.  Nature works its artful magic with sunlight by creating the outlined shape of an arrowhead in the center foreground, pointing towards Wolf Gun Mountain.
Located in the North Fork Valley below Logging Mountain to the north (left), Mount Geduhn at the far (east) end, and Wolfgun Mountain to the south (right) Logging Lake flows between Logging Ridge and Adair Ridge into the Home Ranch Bottoms area in the North Fork of the Flathead River. Logging Lake is one of the longest lakes in Glacier National Park at 6 miles (9.7 km) in length.
The name Montana is a derivation of the Latin word “montaanus” meaning mountainous which is exemplified by this beautiful view from above the North Fork of the Flathead River looking east towards the Rocky Mountains.

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