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This is a view of Zion National Park, look to the north along the western edge of the park all the way up to Red Top Mountain. Taken late in the evening after the sun has set this shows a mid-winter view of the rugged and foreboding formations that make up this iconic landscape. There are very few places on the planet that look so remote and otherworldly as Zion. This is a very special place.
Zedekiah: “It was exceedingly cold on the day I took this image because I fly with the window open all the way so I can swivel and shoot through the open air, the cold is tremendously biting. I am geared up for it with the proper clothing, my fur hat, and very good gloves, but when I am in contact with the slipstream from the propeller wash it focuses the intensity of the cold air and permeates every pore of your body. The results are worth the effort.”

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