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In the middle of the desert just south of the border between Utah and Arizona, there is a very old horse corral sitting under a low-hanging ridge. The oval corral is made from stacked rock and has a natural campsite next to it, also laying underneath a rock ridge. It looks like the corral has been extended with a wooden fence line out from the original rock corral.
There are no vehicle tracks around the area nor is it close to any roads. The overhanging ridges offer some protection from rain and provide a modicum of shade in the hot summer. It sits near a small stream. The trails radiating outward from the entrance to the corral seem to have been used recently so maybe this is also a destination camp for local trail riders.

Zedekiah: “Flying along over the desert north of the Grand Canyon on the area where the Shivits Plateau, Antelope Valley, and the Unikaret Plateau all come together, I found something very interesting. If I wasn’t flying low, slow, and paying attention to what was on the ground I could have easily missed it. I wonder who constructed this and when it was built? What era of history does this come from? “

As you can see in the image below, this corral is near a small creek that remains partially wet all year round, providing a source of water for the livestock they kept in the pen. There is a fenced area adjoining the stone corral which extends the space for livestock.

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