Production Techniques

Production Techniques

With his profound love of bush flying and vast experience in advanced creative-production technology, Z is able to constantly adjust, modify and focus the story arc in real-time; imagery, storyline, narrative, and soundtrack, to ensure content clarity and focus. While flying, exploring, camping and shooting he continuously maintains content continuity via a fundamental first-hand engagement of the full production process, from capture to final edits, for every scene.

This is an instinctual production method, developed over many years, and in many ways is a radical new genre of indie film-making. The ability to use the bush plane both as an extension of the cameras, a visual prop and background setting simultaneously in-flight is innovative, providing a fascinating visual performance stage from whence to tell these remarkable stories.

Ultra High-Resolution 720° Coaxial Aerial Camera Platform

The heart of this production is the advanced camera technology; motion footage acquisition is accomplished via a combination of custom 4K & 8K systems designed specifically for this production. An aerial camera platform with 21 high-resolution cameras strategically mounted throughout the exterior and interior of the bush plane provides a full, dual-axis 360 ° (720°coaxial) field of view coverage.  Still-Photography is captured by shooting out of both sides of the bush plane in flight with the Phase One XF-150 megapixel camera using ultra-fast glass (lenses) to provide ultra-high-definition imagery for use across all content formats. View Technology Overview

Air to air and ground-based content acquisition techniques feature global-shutter based camera systems to provide realistic film-quality capture of aircraft scenes which is paramount to the overall viewer experience.


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