Snow from the Air in the Mountains

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This is what a lite snowstorm looks like from the air. Flying over the Rio Grande National Forest on my way to the Sangre de Cristo range I flew around a number of localized snow flurries. In the distance on the horizon is Chama Peak and Banded Peak. The Rio Grande National Forest is in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
Zedekiah: “You can see the snow falling across the mountains as I scoot around it. Flying in these weather conditions can be tricky and sometimes treacherous as ice will accumulate on the wings and disrupt airflow which can be deadly. To be on the safe side since my bush plane has no deicing boots on the leading edges of the wings, I try to avoid flying directly into the snowfall opting instead to fly around the outside edges of the storm. Like rain, you can see snow falling from a good distance away so it is not that difficult to avoid.”

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