The Hole in the Wall
The Hole in the Wall

This is the small river that comes down from Bryce Canyon National Park through the White Cliffs “Hole in the Wall” pass between “No Mans Mesa”, Calf Pasture Point and Deer Spring Point. Called “Park Wash” this small river joins up with “Deer Springs Wash” at “Kitchen Corral Point” and becomes the “Kitchen Corral Wash” as it passes through the Vermilion Cliffs or Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument.

For First Nations Tribes this particular location where all the small rivers came together, was suitable for both short-term resource procurement camps and year-round settlements. Given the presence of an early “pithouse – like” structure in the Late Archaic level, the site probably represents the latter. Studies are beginning to indicate these were probably what is know as the “Virgin (River) Anasazi” Culture or at least part of the Ancestral Puebloan.

The small canyon on the immediate right in the foreground is called “Box Elder Canyon” and the area around it is know as “Deer Range”.

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