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My Office

This is my office in the sky. It is very small, much smaller than most cubicles but the view from up here is amazing and ever changing. And though I don’t have to hide from the boss all the time I do have to watch out for B1RDs! I guess my largest concern would be deaf ones that don’t hear me coming. They must exist right?

I enjoy my little office… the seat is comfortable although the space is somewhat cramped. From side to side it is only 32 inches wide. And I have to carry everything with me that I need when I move my office around. It is not that easy to get in and out of, but the door has an emergency handle that you can hit forward and it releases the entire door quickly. It is so you can bail out in an emergency. But I don’t fly with a parachute, it is far too uncomfortable, especially for long distance flights.

My office has great views out the window though… and they constantly change. I get to see all sorts of interested stuff from here. I also meet interesting people while I’m in my office… folks just drop by to say hello. And sometimes I just meet them along the way….

I get to take my office to some absolutely amazing places and explore awesome lands. Though it can be difficult in bad weather. And it is very cold and drafty in my office sometimes, there is no thermostat that I’ve been able to find! Also there is no bathroom nearby, I have to find a place to set down or consider using a bottle, but that is very uncomfortable, trust me…it’s been done!

But at the end of the day, when the sun sets I get to take my office where I like to relax and enjoy my surroundings. I may not have a high end job in a sleek modern office surrounded by …well… anyone… but I love my office and I especially love my surroundings and joyful peace it brings me doing this.

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