Exploring Wilderness

Grand Tetons Range Viewed From The West Side, Wyoming

In the deeply remote wilderness all across the immense North American continent, there are mysterious, foreboding otherworldly places that defy imagination and inspire wonderment and awe.

Away from the crowded cities and sprawling urban footprint of humankind, a remarkable 47% of the United States and fully 90% of Canada remain primarily uninhabited wildlands and backcountry, with very few, if any, people.

These vast hinterlands remain elusive, untamed by the modern world and hidden from encroaching civilization. It is in these hallowed wilds that earth colors interact with weather effects and atmospheric conditions to create inspirational visions of nature that can only be seen from this rarefied space in the air up here ~ Where Eagles Fly ~

Loggin Lake in the Livingston Range of Glacier National Park, Montana

Zedekiah: “Mine is a solo aerial expedition across this vast continent in search of such places, to seek out hidden lands with long-forgotten history… and to film primordial panoramas unaffected by the passing of time.

My focus is on the rugged mountainous ranges and their high secluded valleys; to search for obscure places in the badlands and wide open prairies; to follow the countless wild rivers and winding streams as they crisscross rolling pastoral plains down to the vibrant delta marshes….from the deep woodland forests to the endless deserts, with their otherworldly formations and ancient foreboding volcanoes.”

Over 346 million folks all around the world visited the iconic wildlands of North American in 2018, yet the vast majority of them are unaware of lands that lay unseen, unknown and very rarely visited, if ever at all. This expedition explores all eight geologic regions across the continent in a quest to find and film these obscure places, to search for hidden history from these places time forgot.


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